Getting Carried Away

So, you may or may not have noticed that my blog name has changed (you probably didn’t. It’s ok.). It’s actually the third time my blog has changed names. I was thinking about it, and the blog name changes have reflected the stage of life I was in:

  • Carrie’s [agri]CULTURE. I started this blog on Blogger as part of a requirement for one of my agcomm classes, and then just held on to it. This blog saw me as an enthusiastic college student, passionate about agriculture and ready to take the world by storm. At some point, I migrated it to WordPress. This name’s most memorable moment was the week I went vegan with my friend David, and we documented the experience through a series of blogs and web videos, and somehow got picked up by a couple of major agricultural news outlets [We did it before Beyonce and Jay Z made it cool).
  • Carrie Isaacson. Yep, just my name. Pretty boring, huh? As I approached the end of my college career, I shifted my blog to be more of an online portfolio to list on my resume while job hunting. When I changed templates, the title went away and just my name showed up, and I decided that was a pretty professional coincidence. This version of my blog followed me through job hunting, accepting my first job and moving to Minnesota, and the hijinx that ensued. 
  • Getting Carried Away. I used to (and still sort of do in most circumstances) hate when people used my name as a verb. Just imagine how fun that was in elementary school (almost as much fun as when in 7th grade a bunch of boys watched Stephen King’s Carrie).  Some time over the last year, people started doing it again, but it seemed more fun (personal favorite: The Conceal and Carrie cocktail). One of my friends sent me a link to a Kate Spade cell phone case with “Getting Carried Away” on the back, and I fell in love. Sadly, the didn’t stock the case in my phone size (really, people. You need to continue to make cases for the iPhone 4s for another couple of years. Seriously.), but it did seem like a pretty darn good name for a blog. So here we are.

Besides the name, I have refocused my blog by removing the single focus it was touted as before – a young woman’s view on agriculture. Now, there will still be plenty of agriculture on this blog, that will never change. But I have a lot more to write about. Some of it relates back to agriculture, like my joy of eating out and getting wonderful food. Someone of it just has to do with where I am in life – a 23 year old living half way across the country from her family. Sometimes I’ll post recipes and workouts, sometimes I’ll share my opinion on the farm bill or write about a great restaurant I went to with my friends. It’s a snapshot of a 23-year-old country girl living in the city who loves agriculture and food. So, pretty specific, but also pretty open. 

My New Year’s Resolution that I’m starting in the middle of December is to make time for more blogging and remember how much I truly enjoy writing for fun. So getting ready to Get Carried Away.


A Girl and Her Gun

I grew up with guns.

I got my first BB gun when I was three, and it wasn’t even my birthday or Christmas (for the record, I did get a gun for Christmas when I was 10). I spent countless weekends at the shooting range with my dad and marching through the hills chasing deer, sometimes quail or dove. When I was 14 years old and just about to start high school, I got my first buck (70 yards, off-hand). Besides the gun safe, deer mount and horns displayed in my family’s dining room, there is a boar mounted in our stairwell, affectionately referred to as “Griz.”

One huge aspect of my childhood, even bigger than hunting, was gun safety. The first movie I remember watching (besides Pocahontas) was the Eddie the Eagle gun safety movie. Both my parents instilled a healthy dose of fear in my brother and I as to what could happen when one was careless with guns. When I turned twelve, my father enrolled me in a hunter’s safety course where I had gun safety pounded even further into my head. Currently, my dad is as a NRA Certified instructor, volunteering with our gun club’s junior rifle team and my brother’s former Boy Scout Troop.

In my 22 years of being around guns and people with guns, I have never been affected by a gun-related incident. Why? Because everyone I was around respected what guns were capable of, and were educated on how to stay safe around guns. What happened over the weekend with Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend is truly tragic, but the comments from Bob Costas during Sunday Night Football’s Half-Time are unfounded. Yes, a gun was used to end the lives of two people, but is that fact that guns exist the sole reason this tragedy occurred? No, it’s not. No one is sure what caused Jovan Belcher to do what he did, but the existence of guns is not what pushed him to carry out the acts he did.


Well, I was the jerk who tried to bring a Leatherman’s through airport security this morning.

Yep, not my shining moment. Luckily, the TSA lady said she understood that I had just forgotten it was in there. I mean, she didn’t let me keep it, but we did have a conversation about the book currently sitting in my bag (Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, by the way. So far, I highly recommend it). I’m pretty bummed about the loss of my feeble form of protection/get-shit-done tool. Not that I would ever have my wits about me enough to search through my bag, find my Leatherman’s and pull out the knife, should I ever need to in a hurry. But whatever. Dad is going to need to get me a new one for my stocking this Christmas.

Airport security is such a strugglefest. I’ve gotten pretty good at getting through security stress free (well, except for the knife incident this morning. And losing my phone last time…maybe I need to reevaluate by skills). Anyways, by thinking that I’ve gotten good at dealing with TSA, I spend my time in line silently evaluating how people could improve their trip through security and speed up the process for everyone. It’s not so much judgment as it is my OCD shining through and trying to solve the world’s problems.

For starters, can we all just remember to wear slip on shoes? It is not breaking news that we all have to take off our shoes to make sure we don’t have explosive devices hidden in our Sperrys Lets just slip them off, put our hands above our heads like we’re about to be patted down at a crime scene and then slip the shoes back on. No trying to tie your laces while holding your laptop in one hand and pulling your overstuffed carry-on off the belt at the same time.

Apparently TSA has decided that if you are 75 years old, you don’t have to remove your shoes or coat. Personally, this is now a new milestone to look forward to. 21= Legal Drinking (Check!). 25= Rental Cars. 65= Senior Discounts Galore. 75= Keep shoes and coats on at the airport. I’m also happy to know that if TSA insists on giving my 84 year-old Grandma a full pat down again, just because she has a pacemaker, she can at least keep her shoes and coat on.

And don’t even get me started on liquids. We all forget that we have them in our makeup case or that we have a huge tube of expensive tanning lotion in our backpack (shout out to Miss Leslie Friend!) and watch heartbroken as it is confiscated, and the TSA agents get a gleam in their eye, confirming our suspicions that your beauty products are not being thrown away. For your own sake people, just put it all in your quart size baggie or check a bag. As someone who checked a bag this morning for the first time in years, the extra $40 to $50 is worth not having to wrestle your bag through security and into an overhead compartment, plus you don’t have to pay to replace all the liquids you apparently own. I just had my laptop bag today, and it was marvelous how light and airy I felt for the first time in an airport. I didn’t even have a backpack this time!

Today, we’re hoping I can break the apparent “National ACT Travel Curse” that has been cast on me. Lets recap my past struggles when traveling for ACT events:

-AMS 2011, New Orleans: 3 hour layover in Denver from New Orleans to Santa Barbara increased by another 3 hours. Imagine a group of college students, stuck in an airport for 6 hours after a week in New Orleans. It wasn’t pretty.

-National Officer Training, October 2011, University of Arkansas: I cried in an airport. I’m still somewhat traumatized by the whole experience. I really don’t want to talk about it.

-Professional Development Conference, February 2012, Lubbock: Again, don’t really want to talk about it. But if you missed this highly entertaining tale (at least I can admit it to myself now), you can read about it here.

Let’s hope AMS 2012 in the ‘Querque is much more relaxed!

One-Way Ticket on an East Bound Plane

I have the job, I pretty much have a place to live and I just booked the one-way ticket.

Things just got REAL.

I am so excited. I’m so excited I’m incorporating 90s song lyrics into my life (I think my version is better Leann). A mere 11 days after I graduate college and 35 days from today, I say goodbye to the family, hope on a plane and head to Minneapolis.

After I bought my ticket this afternoon (with my own money! I’m getting so mature.) I literally felt a little shaky. I have no idea what June 20 will bring. Even when I left for college I had visited San Luis Obispo a few times, so I at least knew what the city looked like. Minneapolis, I hope you are as fantastic as this Google Image suggests.

So, plane ticket purchased. No going back now. We’ll see how far I can go!



[Take that Leann Rimes]