Update: 101 in 1001

On March 30, 2014, I launched my 101 in 1001 adventure. Over 1,001 days, I am attempting to cross 101 goals off my list. I haven’t made as much progress I would have thought almost 4 months later, but I’m still pretty proud of what I’ve been working towards. Lots to go, but lots done!

Start Date: March 30, 2014

End Date: December 25, 2016

The List

1. Finish a 101 in 1001 list.


2. Have three months of paychecks in savings

3. Buy a car, new or used

4. Save $5 for every goal completed (transferred to savings on the 30th of each month) – First deposit made June 2014

5. Go 2 months without buying anything at Target other than necessities (food, pharmacy okay. No skin care, clothes, accessories, movies, home decor, candles or magazines)

6. Skip Starbucks for a month

7. Read a financial advice book

8. Increase my 401k contribution

9. Don’t buy lunch out during the week for a month


10. Go to church every Sunday for a month

11. Mail a secret to Post Secret

12. Volunteer with the FFA or 4H

13. Fall in love

14. Buy a pair of Frye boots

15. Send 5 cards for no reason – Kelsey 6/11; Leslie 6/30

16. Make dinner for someone 5 times (Sunday dinner with Bekah doesn’t count)

17. Send a card to my grandparents

18. Take a friend out to dinner

19. Send flowers to a friend

20. Pick a quote to keep in mind every week for 2 months

21. Make a new friend

22. Call 4 friends just to chat – Erin 6/30

23. Find a new hobby

24. Go see a movie by myself

25. Own a Kate Spade purse

26. Spend one day without my phone or laptop

27. Learn to fold a fitted sheet

28. Blog my progress on this list at least 6 times – 7/21

29. Write a letter to myself to open when I finish the list

30. Tip someone 100% of the bill – Bulwinkel’s 6/14


31. Give up soda (except for mixed drinks) for 3 months – Started 5/1/14; ends 7/31/14

32. See a chiropractor

33. Do a 6-week alcohol cleanse and see what happens

34. Keep a food journal every day for a month

35. Drink more water – Tracked with FitBit

36. Walk home from work everyday for a week

37. Go for a walk at lunch every day for two weeks

38. Try meditating once


39. Be able to run 5 miles (doesn’t have to be without stopping)

40. Get down to my ideal body fat percentage

41. Take 2 new fitness classes – CycloCross 5/27

42. Post 2 fitness blogs

43. Go on 25 miles worth of walks in one month

44. Stretch every day for two weeks

45. Go to one yoga class a month for three months

46. Run 2 miles without stopping

47. Do a 5k that isn’t with my mom on Thanksgiving

48. Make it to all my TEAM Fitness Classes for a month – Stopped class

49. Go to the TEAM Saturday workout every Saturday for a month – Class cancelled 

50. Participate in a Color Run


51. Travel outside the country for the first time

52. Visit Ireland

53. Visit Chicago

54. Visit Nashville

55. Go on a road trip

56. Go to SLO to see Erin walk when she gets her Masters

57. Go to SLO to see Alan walk when he graduates

58. Go back to South Dakota and see the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore

59. Go on an unplanned weekend trip


60. Make myself try some type of seafood (Salmon doesn’t count) – MahiMahi in Florida 4/14

61. Post 5 recipe blogs – Bruschetta Chicken 4/6/15

62. Eat at 5 new restaurants – Bar la Grassa 5/23/14; Tuggs River saloon 5/26

63. Try 5 new Pinterest recipes – Chicken and Kale Casserole 3/30; Broccoli Beef 5/1; Cashew Chicken 6/8; Garlic Mashed Cauliflower 7/21/14

64. Take a cooking class – NAMA Kitchen in the Market 5/14

65. Can something

66. Order desert first at a restaurant

67. Try a new ethnic food

68. Go cheese tasting


69. Attend three professional development classes, workshops, conferences or seminars

70. Do one freelance project, and get paid for it

71. Blog once a week for a month

72. Read 3 professional development books

73. Mentor someone

74. Read Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt

75. Participate in #agchat 2 times

76. Participate in #foodchat 2 times

77. Comment on someone’s blog

78. Have a conversation with 3 strangers about agriculture – Cashier at Target 5/4; Hair dresser 7/15


79. Order a whiskey water when out

80. Watch an entire series on Netflix in one weekend

81. Watch all the Harry Potter movies in a single weekend

82. Watch every movie nominated for the 2015 Oscars

83. Have a spa day

84. Play sandlot style baseball

85. Go to a concert (Backstreet Boys in June doesn’t count) – Lady Gaga 5/20

86. Send a drink to a stranger at a bar

87. Buy an expensive article of clothing just because

88. Go paintballing


89. Go to the Mill City Museum

90. Explore downtown St. Paul

91. Go to the Walker Art Center

92. Bike the Loring Greenway on a Nice Ride Bike

93. Go to the CC Club

94. Go to weekend brunch and then transition gracefully to an afternoon on a patio

95. Go to a Minnesota cabin

96. See a play at Theater in the Round

97. See the Macy’s Flower Show

98. Have a snowball fight

99. Visit Elizabeth in Alexandria – 7/12-7/13/14

100. Visit Duluth

101. Write nice things in chalk along the West River Road