Getting Carried Away

So, you may or may not have noticed that my blog name has changed (you probably didn’t. It’s ok.). It’s actually the third time my blog has changed names. I was thinking about it, and the blog name changes have reflected the stage of life I was in:

  • Carrie’s [agri]CULTURE. I started this blog on Blogger as part of a requirement for one of my agcomm classes, and then just held on to it. This blog saw me as an enthusiastic college student, passionate about agriculture and ready to take the world by storm. At some point, I migrated it to WordPress. This name’s most memorable moment was the week I went vegan with my friend David, and we documented the experience through a series of blogs and web videos, and somehow got picked up by a couple of major agricultural news outlets [We did it before Beyonce and Jay Z made it cool).
  • Carrie Isaacson. Yep, just my name. Pretty boring, huh? As I approached the end of my college career, I shifted my blog to be more of an online portfolio to list on my resume while job hunting. When I changed templates, the title went away and just my name showed up, and I decided that was a pretty professional coincidence. This version of my blog followed me through job hunting, accepting my first job and moving to Minnesota, and the hijinx that ensued. 
  • Getting Carried Away. I used to (and still sort of do in most circumstances) hate when people used my name as a verb. Just imagine how fun that was in elementary school (almost as much fun as when in 7th grade a bunch of boys watched Stephen King’s Carrie).  Some time over the last year, people started doing it again, but it seemed more fun (personal favorite: The Conceal and Carrie cocktail). One of my friends sent me a link to a Kate Spade cell phone case with “Getting Carried Away” on the back, and I fell in love. Sadly, the didn’t stock the case in my phone size (really, people. You need to continue to make cases for the iPhone 4s for another couple of years. Seriously.), but it did seem like a pretty darn good name for a blog. So here we are.

Besides the name, I have refocused my blog by removing the single focus it was touted as before – a young woman’s view on agriculture. Now, there will still be plenty of agriculture on this blog, that will never change. But I have a lot more to write about. Some of it relates back to agriculture, like my joy of eating out and getting wonderful food. Someone of it just has to do with where I am in life – a 23 year old living half way across the country from her family. Sometimes I’ll post recipes and workouts, sometimes I’ll share my opinion on the farm bill or write about a great restaurant I went to with my friends. It’s a snapshot of a 23-year-old country girl living in the city who loves agriculture and food. So, pretty specific, but also pretty open. 

My New Year’s Resolution that I’m starting in the middle of December is to make time for more blogging and remember how much I truly enjoy writing for fun. So getting ready to Get Carried Away.


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