Waterlogged – And Loving It

Everyone is always telling you – drink more water. It’s good for you. Blah blah blah. It’s basically a broken record. You drink two, maybe three glasses in a day, and you think you’re doing pretty good. And you are. But, what if you drank a lot more?

I got it in my head about a month ago to start drinking “more water,” whatever that means. I started keeping track of how many glasses I drank at work, trying to get to that magical 8 glasses a day. Never did. I didn’t really notice a difference either, so in typical Millennial fashion, I blew it off with a, “Whatever, I’m don’t need as much as other people.” Silly, silly me.

Two weeks ago, the trainer I do group training with told everyone that we needed to pick a new healthy habit, and stick with it for two weeks. I decided to once again try the “more water” thing, thinking that at least if I was concentrating on more water, I would be thinking less about Diet Coke. Also in typical Millennial fashion, I searched for an App that would help me out. That’s when I found Waterlogged.


Find Waterlogged in the App Store!

Free app, let’s you customize your water goals and input the bottles and glasses you drink out of most often for easy tracking. It also helps you figure out how much water to drink. Me, I’m supposed to be drinking 120 oz of water a day. Yep. A gallon. Definitely nowhere near what I was drinking.

So I’m going to be honest – I have yet to hit my 120 ounce goal. The closest I’ve been is 110 ounces – those last 10 ounces were just not happening. But I have noticed some good things. My skin LOVES it – in fact, in the two weeks I’ve been pushing the water thing, I think my skin has gotten healthier than I ever seen it. I snack less – I’m too busy drinking water to find an afternoon treat. And that’s just what I noticed in the first two weeks. Basically, I’m sold on the drink my water gospel.


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