365 Days of Minnesota

It’s amazing how time flies. One year ago today, I landed at the Minneapolis – St. Paul airport, ready to start my great Minnesotan adventure.

When I arrived on June 20, 2012, I knew two people in the entire state, had never seen the office I was to be working at or the house I was going to be living in, wasn’t sure where my life would take me at the end of the summer and had no idea how to live on my own half-way across the country from my family. Over the past year, I’ve gotten into the swing of things at work, established a network of friends and have learned so much about the Twin Cities, and how to live in them.

I truly can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by. Sometimes I still feel like the intern who is trying to figure everything out. But when I really think about it, I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished over the past 365 days. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot at work. But, outside of work, I’ve done a lot of learning too. I’ve:

  1. Learned how to make my hair and makeup work under the harsh conditions of humidity.


    I wish this was an exaggeration.

  2. Seen what a true fall looks like. Plus visited my first apple orchard.


    Fall on the Mississippi River.

  3. Enjoyed my first snowfall.


    It seemed like so much fun! What a rouse.

  4. Cursed my first snowfall.


    Middle of January? Or April 18?

  5. Learned what it’s like to be in subzero temperatures.


    I survived in -19 degrees (sans windchill). I am strong.

Wow. The top five things I’ve learned are all about weather. But in all honestly, I’ve learned how to live on my own, make new friends, be independent and take care of myself. In short, I’ve learned a lot about myself. And really, that can’t be undervalued. Minnesota, you’ve been good to me. Thank you.


Back to Reality

During the past nine days, I have ate my way through my home state of California, visiting friends, spending quality time with family and seeing some of my favorite California sites (rice patties and oak trees top the list). It was hard to get on the plane this morning – I’m going to miss my parents, brother, grandparents and all my friends, not to mention authentic carnitas.

I can’t seem to grasp how I will handle not seeing my family until Thanksgiving. That’s 5 months. I went the same amount of time last year when I arrived a year ago this week, but it still seems impossible. Luckily, one of my best friends from college will be interning a mere four hours from the Twin Cities this summer, two of my college roommates will be visiting in September, and my mom has been talking about trying to find cheap flights in October. While it seems like forever until I will be reunited by my family in California, I just have to remember everything that happened over the past year, and keep plowing forward. But we’ll talk about that more on Thursday. 🙂