Minnesota Winter Bucket List – A Progress Report

It’s no secret – I’m a Californian adjusting to life in Minnesota.  I mean, I’ve blogged, Tweeted and Facebooked about that fact pretty much non-stop since I moved to Minnesota in June. During one of my countless posts, probably about how I was dealing with winter, you probably saw my “Minnesota Winter Bucket List,” which was just a fun list of things I wanted to accomplish while living in a place where there are real seasons. For a while there, my roommate, Bekah, was helping my fly through the list. In fact, everything I was able to check off the list was thanks to Bekah. She took me sledding, made me hotdish and helped me build my first snowman. Here’s the progress I was able to make on my list:


It’s been 76 days since I made any progress on this list.

Since it’s April 20, I’m officially calling the Winter Bucket List for the year (though snow isn’t completely out of the forecast…still).  What does this mean? Will I ever go ice fishing? Will I ever develop a tactical plan for a snowball fight? Well, I guess I’ll just have to stick around for another winter!


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