Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Supports PETA Now

Ryan Gosling, breaking the hearts of countless agriculturally-inclined young women throughout the world, has partnered with PETA in urging the National Milk Producer’s Federation to lead the phase out of dehorning in dairy cattle. I’m going to be up front: I LOVE Ryan Gosling and am NOT happy about his new friendship with PETA.

But hey, at least he is taking an actual interest in agricultural practices, not just supporting PETA because it is en vogue.  I mean, he hasn’t been properly educated on the process of dehorning dairy cattle. We dehorn young calves on dairies to prevent the cows from gouging each other and dairy workers later in life, and it is done in a controlled environment. By removing the horn “nubs” from new born calves, dairy producers can minimize the pain through best practices procedures, and apply numbing agents and pain control products, as well as prevent possible infection. By dehorning the calves in a controlled environment at a young age, producers can prevent the cows injuring each other farther down the road when the calves are in pastures, and not in an environment that lends itself to minimal pain and infection. Dehorning now means preventing serious injury later in life.

He hasn’t been educated, but Ryan Gosling has taken an interest. Countless celebrity PETA supporters tout vegetarianism and pose naked, which somehow tells us not to wear fur. Ryan Gosling has found a real part of dairy production, and has shown an inclination for agricultural practices. What if we all write a letter to Ryan Gosling, and outline why we dehorn dairy calves. Maybe, we can change his mind, or at least make him realize that he needs to explore both sides of an argument before heading to E! Channel. 


One thought on “Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Supports PETA Now

  1. Well stated! I appreciate the perspective. I didn’t consider it in quite this way; him showing an interest. Thought-provoking.

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