I love technology.

Technology – what’s not to love? Sure, we’ve become too reliant as it as a society and children of the future will have no idea how to interact with people in person. But whatever. Technology is awesome, because it let me talk with my family half-way across the country tonight.

Yep, I got to chat with mi familia tonight. Aren’t they cute?

Mi familia!

Mi familia!

Since I moved out here in June, I’ve seen my parents and little brother, Alan, twice – at Thanksgiving and Christmas. At Christmas, I got smart and bought my parent’s a camera for their computer, so I could see them more than my two or three visits home each year. I Skype with Alan somewhat frequently while he is at school, but it is nice to be able to talk with all three at once.

So, thanks to technology, I have been able to fend off homesickness just a little longer. Hopefully a few more evenings like this will tide me over until June, when I get to visit my beautiful California again!


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