Tough Break

Well, I’m over this thing called “snow” and “cold weather.” Tough break, right?

All things considered, I think I lasted pretty long. I’m proud of myself.

And just so we’re clear, Minnesota  and its shitty weather isn’t necessarily to blame. It’s every other state’s fault. I was watching The Today Show this week, and they were all complaining about the how “cold” it was. It was 26 degrees. Please. It was 18 degrees here Friday morning and I got an iced drink at  Starbucks. Buck up people.

California is also not making me very happy right now. It wasn’t looking outside at the ice and snow that caused me to diagnose myself with SAD (seasonal affective disorder. It’s a real thing. Google it). It was hearing about everyone in SLO going to the beach or everyone in Northern California talking about spending the day outside, riding horses and bikes. Let’s just say I’m not playing “California Love” on repeat this week. I know, Tupac is disappointed in me. But if my fellow thug was here with me, he’d understand. I mean, I’m pale, but I don’t think I’ve ever been quite this colorless in my life.

So, when is spring, exactly?


2 thoughts on “Tough Break

  1. The egg is now broken…omelets are now being made…you will see (spring). The satisfaction will be the mental toughness, the survivability, your resilience that develops and ultimately, these days will be looked upon later for strength when life gets REALLY tough. Now you are living! Stay strong.

  2. I feel ya sister. It was 14 with a windchill of -3 this morning–Chicago isn’t much better. SAD is a real thing, I’ve also self diagnosed myself. I’ve never missed the California sunshine more!

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