Giving Thanks For Friends, Old and New

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Yep, it even beats Fourth of July. There is just something about celebrating family and all we have been blessed with that warms my heart. It’s always been a nice reminder that, no matter how much I worry about having enough money to pay the bills or buy a really cute pair of boots, I will always have my family and my friends.

I have been thinking about how blessed I am to have the friends I do. I know, it’s sappy, but at this point in my life, friends play a crucial part in my happiness. I spent a good amount of time for the first few months I was in Minnesota talking about how I wasn’t making enough new friends and I wished I could have my friends from home come and live with me. But I’m realizing something people, – it’s quality over quantity. And let me tell you, I’ve made some quality friends in the state of Minnesota.

This weekend, I am in Wisconsin, with new and old friends. It’s marvelous. I am with one of my best friends from school and one of my new Minnesota friends. It doesn’t get much better. Well, if some of my other school friends were here right now, I might just die and go to heaven, but I’m still pretty happy. So to all my friends, new and old, thanks for being of such high quality.