Was that…snow?

It snowed today! It didn’t stick, but it still snowed. Instead of stressing out, I found myself a little giddy. Does this mean I am, gasp, ready for this? Only time will tell. 

Let me apologize for my blog absence lately. It’s a shallow excuse, but this past month has been a blur. Every time I think I am just about settled, I realize that I couldn’t be more wrong. While I think I am getting close, I hesitate to make any statements about being in a routine or settled in for fear of jinxing myself. 

I’ve spent the last month trying to expand my social circle and get more involved with the agricultural industry here in Minnesota. I’ve joined NAMA and have been working on making new friends. It’s hard, but I feel like I’m making progress. My next step is to join Young Farmers and Ranchers and see where that takes me.

All this being said, I am so excited to be going home for Thanksgiving in a mere three weeks. I definitely got excited too early for this trip, but I have a lot to look forward to during this trip. My Grandpa recently had surgery and is apparently feeling better than he has in a long time, and I so excited to spend time with him and my Grandma.  I haven’t seem any of my family in almost five months, nor the majority of my friends. I’m most looking forward to just spending quality time with my family and friends. Being so far away for so long has reminded me how important the people I care about are to me. 

Ok, enough sappy for now. Hopefully I can keep myself together and not wait another month to blog again!


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