I’m a Big Girl Now

Full time, salaried job with benefits in an industry I love? Check.

Year-long lease in an apartment in a great area? Check.

Gym membership, completely paid for all by myself? Check.

Coming home to a flooded kitchen? Check.

Yep, nothing says “I’m a big girl now!” quite like coming home to find water leaking out of the wall, presumably from the apartment above you, resulting in a flooded kitchen.

 Yes, on my first full day as a “big girl” (aka I’m no longer an intern) I come home to find water. Everywhere. Centimeters away from ruining all my roommate’s food and currently saturating the counter and rug on the tile. Completely filling the Magic Bullet smoothie maker with brown, murky water.

What. Is. This?

Building maintenance is looking into it- they believe it is coming from the unit above us. We can hope. Not exactly how I imagined my first day as a contributing member of society wrapping up.

Besides this little special adventure, today was fabulous. It was my first day as an assistant account executive, so that in itself was pretty exciting.  I got tons done at work, the human resources coordinator briefed me on my benefits, one of my coworkers gave me a cookie, I joined a gym and it cost significantly less than I thought it would and included all kinds of free stuff, I have plans to talk to two of my best friends tonight as well as my national officer teammates in our final conference call and I plan on having mac and cheese for dinner. I mean, it doesn’t get much better.

I’m actually still in a good mood. I’m at the point where this whole “flooded kitchen thing” is kind of comical- as long as it stops leaking before I go to bed tonight that is. Here’s to adulthood! Now can someone get me a cocktail please?


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