The Newest Beginning

The day is here. Well, almost. Tomorrow morning, I officially move to Minneapolis to start my internship with Broadhead Communications.

To put it simply, I’ve been a mess the last few days. One minute, I’m so excited I can barely contain myself and the next I’m crying on the couch with my mom. With graduation, moving out of my house in San Luis Obispo, getting back to Woodland, unpacking, helping my mom with my graduation party and packing for my move to Minneapolis, it seems that all my emotions have decided to manifest themselves during the last couple of days.

At first, I was really upset with myself for getting so upset. I expected to be excited, but not upset. When I left for college, I was simply excited- no true worries associated with that move. So why am I so mixed up for this move? I’m sure there are a truckload of reasons, but the idea that keeps popping into my head is the fact that this move is to the real world, not to the safe haven that is the Fremont Dorm at Cal Poly. My parents keep reminding me that I can always come home and that nothing about this move has to be permanent unless I want it to be. Still, it feels like this chapter of my life is over and the next chapter, full of adult decisions and other adult things, is beginning.

There are many things in life that make me tick: reading every night before I go to bed, making copious amount of lists, coffee. One thing that always keeps me calm, though it isn’t the best quality, is knowing exactly what to expect. I have no idea what to expect tomorrow. Sure, I’ll get to the airport around 4:30 am and arrive in Minneapolis around 2:00 pm, someone from Broadhead will pick me up and that’s about all I know. I have no idea what the house I’ll be living in will look like, where my room is, how to get to the bus stop to do a test bus ride before work Thursday morning, what the neighborhood is like, where there is a grocery store or a coffee shop or what the building my office is in will look like. That is a lot of uncertainty for someone like me (I have self-diagnosed myself with OCD, or CDO for those of use who like to alphabetize. I know, I’m crazy. I’m working on it).

I can tell I’m maturing since I am also excited about some of the uncertainty. Not so much figuring out the bus ride to an undistinguishable building, but what the neighborhood and people are like, what my projects at work will be, where my new favorite coffee shop will be. See, I have been working on my crazy!

So, tomorrow I hop on a plane, fly to Minneapolis and experience the newest beginning of my life. I’m sure this California girl is going to have a bit of an adjustment to life in the MidWest (I hear they have these phenomenons called “humidity” and “extremely cold winters”), which I’m sure will result in some fun blog posts!  Wish me luck!


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