One-Way Ticket on an East Bound Plane

I have the job, I pretty much have a place to live and I just booked the one-way ticket.

Things just got REAL.

I am so excited. I’m so excited I’m incorporating 90s song lyrics into my life (I think my version is better Leann). A mere 11 days after I graduate college and 35 days from today, I say goodbye to the family, hope on a plane and head to Minneapolis.

After I bought my ticket this afternoon (with my own money! I’m getting so mature.) I literally felt a little shaky. I have no idea what June 20 will bring. Even when I left for college I had visited San Luis Obispo a few times, so I at least knew what the city looked like. Minneapolis, I hope you are as fantastic as this Google Image suggests.

So, plane ticket purchased. No going back now. We’ll see how far I can go!



[Take that Leann Rimes]


One thought on “One-Way Ticket on an East Bound Plane

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