This California girl is moving to the MidWest. Yes, it finally happened- I found a job! On Tuesday morning I accepted a graduate internship with Broadhead Communications in Minneapolis. This is a great opportunity that will teach me a lot about agriculture, communicating about agriculture and, of course, life. About ten days after I graduate I will be heading out into the unknown.

I still don’t think it has all sunk in. I mean, the senioritis has gotten about twelve times worse (what do tests even prove, really?), but I still don’t think the fact that I have a job after graduation has become real yet. I’ll be sitting in class and suddenly remember, and of course I get a smile on my face, but the same thing will happen again four hours later. I kinda like how excited I still get about it.

I think it will probably hit home when I find somewhere to live, book my one-way ticket to the Twin Cities and ship boxes full of my life away. So for now, I’ll just sit back, try to fend off the worst of the senioritis and enjoy my last month of college, knowing that come June 9, I’ll know exactly what I will be doing!

Have any advice on living on the MidWest for this woefully uninformed California girl? Please share!


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