April 15, 2012

So, in case you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t blogged in a while. My belief that my last quarter of college was going to be easy breezy has yet to be proven true. I am still holding out hope though!

During the past few weeks I have spent my time finishing the Cal Poly College of Agriculture Open House Magazine (which was handed out to 700 incoming agriculture students this weekend and Cal Poly’s President Armstrong!), interviewing for the ever elusive after college job, starting the editing process for the Summer issue of Ag Circle and preparing for my internship’s huge event, the Earth Day Food and Wine Festival, as well as finishing my senior project and my 12 units of class.

This weekend was Cal Poly’s legendary Open House weekend. This basically means I was on campus all day talking with incoming agriculture students and their parents, setting up and manning booths for the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow and the Agricultural Education and Communication Department and hanging out with my friends, enjoying my last Open House. Oh, and I turned 22 on Thursday, so that added an entire new level of fun.

Next weekend is the Central Coast Vineyard Team’s Earth Day Food and Wine Festival. With over 200 wineries and food artisans and 500 attendees, I have been learning a lot about event planning. The weather promises a 80 degree weekend, perfect for enjoying everything that is great on California’s Central Coast. I can’t wait to try great food, talk to people about where their food came from and experience that chaotic, fun stress that I love.

Hopefully, after this weekend I will be able to have my easy breezy spring quarter. Not that I haven’t been having a ton of fun (like I said, I like the chaotic, fun stress), but I would really like to be able to spend a Saturday afternoon tanning on my deck. Now, all I need is after college employment, and may be able to relax for a little longer than an afternoon!


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