US Dairy Farmers Care

I love milk. Just like my mom always told me, milk makes me strong. Milk keeps me healthy. Milk makes me happy.

Apparently, I am not alone in my love of milk- in 2010, each American consumed 72 gallons of milk. That totals out to be 22 billion gallons of milk consumed in the United States alone. Clearly, America likes their dairy products. But do they love their dairy farmers?

Below is a video from Merck Animal Health. The video is all about showing the consumer how much American dairy farmers care for the animals, and how much they do to make sure we can each enjoy out 72 gallons of milk each year. Dairy farmers work 365 days a year to produce a delicious, safe and nutritious product for us. In addition to providing us with dairy products, each time a farmer adds a cow to their operation, $25,000 is added to the local community. This only proves to me how much dairy farmers rock and how much we should appreciate them.

Watch this video and you will see all the other ways dairy farmers take care of us each and every day. Thanks Merck Animal Health for reminding us that dairy farmers do more than just give us a glass of milk- they take care of us.


The Earth Day Food and Wine Festival

Man, what a weekend. My voice has packed up and left and I still don’t think I’m caught up on sleep. Was it worth it? Yes, because I got to be a part of the Earth Day Food and Wine Festival.

Right now, you are probably wondering “what is the Earth Day Food and Wine Festival?” Well, EDFWF is an event put on by the organization I intern for, the Central Coast Vineyard Team. For the past six years, EDFWF has brought together chefs, farmers, wineries and consumers for an afternoon of wine, food, music and conversations about where our food comes from. It is truly an amazing event. This year’s event, held at Pomar Junction Vineyard and Winery, had close to 1,500 people in attendance, despite it being the first 90-degree day of the year in Templeton. The event rocked.

As the Central Coast Vineyard Team intern, I spent my time behind the scenes during the event. To put it frankly, the team killed it. When we had issues with tickets and arrival times, we dealt with it. When attendees were reacting poorly to their over-indulgence of wine combined with the 90-degree heat, we handled it. When two sheep got loose and ran through the vineyard, we figured it out. When there were seven of us at the end of the night to clean up the venue, we got it done. Basically, we rocked.

Even if I hadn’t been on staff for this event, I know I would have loved it. I’m all about putting farmers and consumers together to talk about their food, and that is what the Earth Day Food and Wine Festival is all about. As a member of the staff, I was so happy to be a part of it. Since I started my internship in June, I had been hearing about this legendary “Earth Day.” I knew it must be a big deal, since we were already working on it, and I knew it must be cool since everyone kept saying “farmers” and “consumers.” As we got closer to the event, my excitement just kept growing. Finally seeing it and experiencing it over this past week was awesome- it was everything I had imagined and more. I was truly a lucky duck to be involved.

Did all this sound fun to you? Well, save the date for next year! EDFWF will be back at Pomar Junction April 20, 2012 celebrating farmers, food and wine! Visit for all the information you need!

April 15, 2012

So, in case you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t blogged in a while. My belief that my last quarter of college was going to be easy breezy has yet to be proven true. I am still holding out hope though!

During the past few weeks I have spent my time finishing the Cal Poly College of Agriculture Open House Magazine (which was handed out to 700 incoming agriculture students this weekend and Cal Poly’s President Armstrong!), interviewing for the ever elusive after college job, starting the editing process for the Summer issue of Ag Circle and preparing for my internship’s huge event, the Earth Day Food and Wine Festival, as well as finishing my senior project and my 12 units of class.

This weekend was Cal Poly’s legendary Open House weekend. This basically means I was on campus all day talking with incoming agriculture students and their parents, setting up and manning booths for the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow and the Agricultural Education and Communication Department and hanging out with my friends, enjoying my last Open House. Oh, and I turned 22 on Thursday, so that added an entire new level of fun.

Next weekend is the Central Coast Vineyard Team’s Earth Day Food and Wine Festival. With over 200 wineries and food artisans and 500 attendees, I have been learning a lot about event planning. The weather promises a 80 degree weekend, perfect for enjoying everything that is great on California’s Central Coast. I can’t wait to try great food, talk to people about where their food came from and experience that chaotic, fun stress that I love.

Hopefully, after this weekend I will be able to have my easy breezy spring quarter. Not that I haven’t been having a ton of fun (like I said, I like the chaotic, fun stress), but I would really like to be able to spend a Saturday afternoon tanning on my deck. Now, all I need is after college employment, and may be able to relax for a little longer than an afternoon!