February 19, 2012

For those of you counting with me, 111 days until graduation.

I had another moment last night. I’m sure you’re all getting tired of me writing about my “moments” (I know I’m getting a little tired of having them), but I had a MOMENT last night.

My vast amount of homework this weekend kept me from going home with one of my roommates, meaning I have been alone in the house a lot, resenting my course load. While Facebook chatting with said roommate last night, I made a statement that made me take a step back and evaluate if I meant it or not. Here is the conversation:

Roommate:  yea. i spent all day on my stupid paper and i still have soo much to do!

Me: i have to do cover letters tomorrow, extra credit for my food science class, chapter 3 of my senior project, possibly some transcription for my senior project, study for my midterm and work on the open house magazine. i don’t understand why i can’t have a relaxing weekend

Roommate: im sick of school work

Me: i am literally ready for the real world. bring on the benefits, taxes and bills. I’m ready for a saturday off.

Now, grammar issues aside, I made a pretty big statement there. A statement that would probably anger many of you in the workforce who long for the college days. Don’t fret, I have loved every minute of college and know I will miss it the day after I graduate, but there was truth in my outlandish statement. Especially about wanting a Saturday off.

Part of this is me living in a dreamworld where work only exists Monday-Friday, 9-5. Even now I know that isn’t usually the case. But I can dream, right? I am so burned out on school that I don’t understand how some of my friends are planning on going to grad school right away. If I thought I had another two years of paper writing and test taking coming right up, I’d probably scream. And I like school. A lot. I’m a nerd and proud. But I think I really am ready to enter the real world, support myself (however feebly) and maybe have  a weekend off once in a while.

Is that too much to ask?


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