The End of the Challenge

Well, David and I made it. It was a week full of challenges, tests of will power, and cravings, but we stuck to our guns and remained vegan for the entire week. We have been by no means advocating a vegan lifestyle- that is not what this week was about. This week was about beginning to gain insight into another perspective, all with the hope of becoming a more effective communicator because of it. I may have only been vegan for a short seven days, but I experienced some of the challenges vegans face everyday and some of the choices they have to make.


I was also reminded of some pretty important things this week. Supporting the agriculture industry doesn’t mean just buying milk, eggs and beef. It means supporting all people in the industry, from broccoli to lentil producers. They are all part of the industry I love and they all deserve to be advocated for. This week has made me more mindful of the choices I make in the grocery store and of who I am supporting.


I was also reminded of how truly wonderful most people are. Everyone I talked to this week was supportive of the experiment and offered encouragement or advice. When I ran into people I hadn’t seen in a while, they told me they had been reading my blogs and thought what David and I were doing was great. People I have never met before were sending me Tweets with advice and showing a true interest in what we were doing. It was amazing. So thank you to everyone who followed along this week and made it easier for us to follow the rules and get something out of this week. We couldn’t have done it without you!


Yesterday wasn’t really a challenge for me. Perhaps it was knowing it was almost over or I was just too busy to think about it, but I made my vegan choices with little to no thought. I had oatmeal for breakfast prior to my graduation writing exam, couscous for lunch and David and I made spaghetti squash for dinner. No big deal.  But, around 10:30 last night, David and I did begin to anxiously watch our clocks and make little announcements like “1 hour and 23 minutes left!” People kept asking last night if we had a first meal planned. I can’t say I really did last night, but eggs and bacon have a certain appeal this morning.


Last Sunday, I honestly wasn’t sure how this week would turn out. Would David pass out from lack of dairy? Would I be able to concentrate in class? Would we actually be able to eliminate all animal products from our diet for an entire week? Would we actually be able to do it? Well, we did. We even ate soy chicken and tofu. I know we are both proud that we removed ourselves from our own shoes and walked in someone else’s for a change. Again, thank you so much for following along with us and learning right along with us!



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