Losing My Train of Thought

I have 30 hours left as a vegan. I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone by. Not that it hasn’t been challenging, but I expected it to be a little more agonizing. It wasn’t until today that I started feeling any negative effects. I didn’t eat enough protein yesterday, making this morning rough. I had trouble concentrating in class and during a conversation with my advisor, I kept losing my train of thought, plus I was super lethargic. I knew what was going on, so I had some quinoa at lunch and felt much better. I’m still really tired though.

I could have avoided these side effects of veganism if I had made more of an effort yesterday to eat more protein, but frankly it was difficult for me to find any quality vegan protein yesterday. I also worked out for an hour yesterday (running and stair master), which most likely depleted any protein I had stored. I wasn’t smart about my choices, but quality choices were not easily accessible yesterday.

I did find some good choices for tonight. I have to make sure I don’t repeat this morning tomorrow, as I am taking my graduation writing exit exam. I visited the health food store and picked up portions of two dishes: “Paradise Tempeh” and a lentil and orzo salad. Both the tempeh and the lentils should provide me with some solid protein to help fuel my morning. I haven’t tasted them yet, but I’m going to have to eat it no matter what, because I want to graduate.

David and I have only exchanged a couple of text messages today and surprisingly, none of them were vegan week related, so I have no idea how he did today. He was visiting a dairy in the Central Valley today for a class, so he wasn’t sure how his day as going to go. I know he was planning on packing a lunch incase the class decided to hit up In-n-Out. We are both busy tomorrow, but we will be meeting up for our final vegan meal and to record a new video blog to wrap up the week, so keep a look out for it!


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