Vegan Kitchen Nightmare

Tonight, I had my first awful vegan meal. Sadly, I cooked it myself. My roommates and I were able to at least eat a serving of it, but David had three bites and announced that it was time for an emergency Jamba Juice run. My feelings were a little hurt, but then I remembered I hadn’t liked it either.


I started out with the best of intentions. After cruising around Pinterest this afternoon, I found a vegan stir-fry recipe that looked promising. It was jus a bunch of vegetables with some soy sauce and rice noodles. I can’t be one hundred percent sure, but I think it was the addition of the tofu that may have sent things downhill.


The dish was made up of the following: broccoli, carrots, celery, zucchini, bell pepper, mushrooms, ginger, diced almonds, rice noodles, extra firm tofu and soy sauce. I tasted the dish for the first couple of steps and everything tasted fine. I tasted it after the addition of the rice noodles and tofu, which is where things no longer tasted fine.


I did try. I even ate the tofu, because who would I be if I didn’t even try it? For the record, David did eat about five pieces of tofu in his three bites. The tofu didn’t really taste like anything, it just had a very interesting texture. While all the components of the dinner were okay, together, it just didn’t work.


Besides the dinner disaster and my growing pile of homework, today was actually a really great day. Both David and I are feeling the temptation of little less, though I did almost poor myself a glass of milk at dinner out of habit (I caught myself though, I promise). My friend Leslie was even eating a sandwich from my favorite deli in the office today and it didn’t really bother me, surprisingly enough.


As  I said yesterday, today I made an effort to eat more vegetables. I had carrots and hummus for a snack, a salad for lunch and then all the vegetables in the stir-fry. Since today was all about vegetables, I’ll make tomorrow more about fruit. I’ve realized during these past four days that I can’t forget to support all aspects of the agriculture industry year round.


Yesterday in his blog, David talked about growing up on a dairy and not knowing that there were people in the world who disliked what he and his family did until he was a teenager. This post got an amazing comment. The reader, who is a vegan, shared that not all vegans dislike farmers and ranchers, they just dislike some of their practices. She went on to say that just because some people don’t always agree with you doesn’t mean they don’t like you.


I’ve never really considered the fact that not all vegans are against all conventional farming and ranching. Just like it was a choice for us to go vegan this week and it is a choice for us to consume animal products normally, it is their choice not to consume animal products. These choices don’t mean we can’t be friends. This is definitely something I will be reflecting on for some time and something that I hope will help me to bridge the gap between the two groups.


This post has gotten a little long, but I had a lot to say today. I’m glad that this challenge is helping me do what I set out to do: gain an understanding of another group. I’m also happy that I am learning things I didn’t know I wasn’t aware of, such as being more mindful of all the producers in the agriculture industry. In just four short days, I feel like I have learned amultitude of new things.


Daily Food Log


Steel Cut oats with brown sugar and banana


Baby carrots with hummus

Rtiz crackers

Soy latte


Salad with back beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, soy beans, sunflower seeds, carrots, olives and vinegar.


Tofu stir-fry with vegetables


35 ounces


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