I’m Hungry

I’m sitting here in the Brock Center for Agricultural Communication, and I’m hungry. Not only am I surrounded by rum cake, chocolate chip cookies and pretzel M&Ms, but Sam Doty is in here making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and asking me how the Vegan Week is going. I’m putting off my visit to Campus Market for lettuce doused in vinegar for a little longer so I don’t starve to death again before dinner. I forgot how great peanut butter and jelly smells.

As David and I talked about yesterday, we have been eating a lot of vegetables this week. Instead of mainly supporting ranchers, dairy producers and poultry farmers, we are focusing on the fruit, vegetable and speciality crop producers. In these three days, I have already grown more mindful of the the different aspects of the entire agricultural industry. After the week is over I will be making an effort to spread the love a little more and support all the different kinds of agricultural producers, because they are all apart of the industry I love.



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