Day 3

Today wasn’t so bad. Except for some midday hunger (which was documented in my previous post, titled “I’m Hungry”), today went really well. I think I might finally be settling in.

I started my day off with a handful of almonds and a workout. I’m getting pretty sick of almonds, but they are the easiest thing to grab for some quick energy before an early morning workout. After the gym, I made myself steel cut oats for the first time. I eat a lot of Quaker Oats, but David insisted on buying steel cut oats for the week, despite their increased price. They also take upwards of 30 minutes to make, which caused me to rush my morning just a little bit. But topped with some banana and brown sugar, they were pretty delicious. I made some extra, so I’ll probably do the same thing for breakfast tomorrow. Maybe I’ll swirl some jam in though…

Lunch was a little early today as watching everyone eat in the Brock Center made me prematurely hungry. I just picked up a salad from Campus Market and topped it with carrots, olives, kidney beans, chick peas, sunflower seeds and vinegar. It was a pretty great salad, until my friend Katie found it necessary to point out that it would be better with some cheese and turkey on top. It’s okay, I think we’ll still be friends. As she put it, “Well, I can’t lie.”

Since I ate so early,  I was ready for a snack by the time my two o’clock class rolled around. David and I took another trip to Campus Market, where we splurged on some Ritz Crackers. Who knew they were vegan?

After my class let out, I went to the Starbucks on campus with David and our friend Leslie. David refused to order a soy latte, opting instead for a blackeye (coffee with a shot of espresso) and conceding by adding a little soy milk to it. He didn’t like it as much as when he adds half-n-half to it, but I think we all kind of expected that. I again ordered a soy latte, still excited from the delicious one I had yesterday, only to be greatly disappointed today. I’m not sure what went wrong, but it was not tasty. Leslie got a carmel macchioto and a piece of coffee cake, but I decided it wasn’t a big deal. I’m getting better! It’s not Leslie’s fault she can consume that milky, carmely goodness.

I had a little bit of humus with pita chips while I did homework this afternoon. The humus was good, but I couldn’t believe how salty the pita chips were. It kind of ruined the snack, so I didn’t eat very much.

For dinner, I made David and myself some black bean quinoa. It was DELICIOUS. It had jalepenos, garlic, diced tomatoes, chili powder, cumin, oregano, black beans and quinoa in it. Between that and the salad, David and I felt like we had a very satisfying dinner. It filled both of us up, and we even had leftovers! It was a miracle. Between the delicious quinoa and having time to watch both Glee and New Girl on TV, it turned out to be a pretty great evening.

I did notice that I didn’t eat as many vegetables today, with the exception of the salad at lunch and dinner. The last few days have been focused on less mainstream forms of veggies, which reminded me of the speciality crop producers in the agricultural industry. Tomorrow, I’m going to try to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables.

I am getting really impressed with myself. I don’t know if it is the Day 3 high or what, but this is getting easier. I thought the day would be full of temptation, but the only place it was an issue was in the magazine office. David and I are still getting along, though I think we may be finding everything a little bit funnier (David and I were gut-busting laughing at something this evening and my roommates hadn’t even batted an eyelash). Here’s to hoping Day 4 and the rest of the week are just as successful!

Day 3 Food Log


Almonds (preworkout)

Steel cut oats with banana and sugar


Romaine lettuce, spring mix, carrots, olives, kidney beans, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, vinegar


Ritz Crackers

Iced soy latte

Pita chips and humus


Quinoa with black beans, diced tomatoes, garlic and jalepenos


40 ounces


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