Tonight, I Ate Soy Chicken….

Yes, I ate soy chicken, and it was actually kind of good. I mean,  it was cooked in a special Thai sauce, but still. I ate soy chicken.


I sent a text message to my brother to tell him I ate soy chicken and his only response was, “Who are you?” I kinda had to ask myself that same question when I realized I liked it.


After David and I completed our vegan shopping adventure, I came home to find my lovely roommates baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, which just so happen to be my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. In all fairness, they were baking them to take to our friend’s house tonight and as they so graciously put it, “It’s not like we’re cooking bacon or anything.” Ok, sure. Whatever you say. I am proud to say that even when those cookies began looking me directly in the face about an hour ago, I said no. No way I’m failing this week, because as I told David, he is clearly the weaker link.


This afternoon I was introduced via cyber space to @teddieleigh. She is a vegan who has been kind enough to offer advice, recipes and help promote our experiment this week. From black bean burritos to vegan cookies, she has already given us tons of ideas for the week!


As I mentioned before, David and I got Thai vegan food for dinner tonight. My roommates came along for the ride and of course did not abstain from meat, dairy or egg. However, both David and I thoroughly enjoyed our meals! I had a chow mein noodle dish with soy chicken and David picked a pad thai with vegan chicken for his first ever Thai meal. I was so proud of David. He didn’t act like a three year old once and really stepped out of his box to try something new.


While waiting for service, my roommate looked up vegan junk food for us. We are proud to report that Ritz crackers,  Fritos and Mike and Ikes are vegan. We may just make it through this week.


After dinner, David and I went our separate ways. I headed to a friend’s house, where everyone was eating cookies and drinking most likely non-vegan beer. I had a glass of water and took a big gulp of air. I still had fun but experienced my first social challenges with veganism. It kinda sucked at first, but I soon forgot that I wasn’t eating or drinking anything and was able to enjoy myself.


While the day was not easy, I still think it will probably end up being the easiest day. I’ll be going out to coffee in the morning,  so I will have my first run-in with soy beverage (It’s not milk. I have never seen a soybean lactate, nor do I know anyone who has). David and I don’t plan to meet up until dinner, so it will be a day of individual challenges, which is unfortunate since all the groceries somehow ended up at his house….


I haven’t felt any different yet, except for the fact that I got really tired really early tonight, but that is most likely not even the diet’s fault, more like a college student problem. Here is a list of what I ate today:

Fresh pineapple

16 oz Pomegranate Pleasure smoothie with soy protein boost

1 vegan chocolate chip cookie

A sauté of zucchini, yellow squash, tomato, spinach, garlic, onion and olive oil

a handful of walnuts

Thai vegan dish

a boat load of water


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