Vegan Meal One

I have finally been fed, though I am still hungry. David and I went to Jamba Juice and ordered off their vegan menu. David ordered the Five Fruit Frenzy with an immunity boost and an apple cinnamon pretzel (all vegan!) and I got the Pomegranate Pleasure with a soy protein boost (also all vegan).  David thoroughly enjoyed his smoothie, but I wish I had picked a different one- it has kind of a chalky texture to it that I assume is from the soy protein boost.

Now we’re headed to the grocery stores to stock up on vegan foods we can actually chew. We’re starting at New Frontiers, a health food store that I have been to before, but David has not. We also plan on checking Trader Joe’s and Von’s, just to see if it is possible to eat vegan if you don’t have a health food store nearby. We’ve also heard rumors that New Frontiers has vegan cupcakes, so I’m kind of excited!



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