I’m a vegan. Wait, what?????

I am officially a vegan.


I’ve been one for less than eleven hours (eight of which I was asleep) and I’m already feeling the challenge. It wasn’t until my roommates emerged from their rooms about an hour ago and started pouring themselves bowls of cereal and adding copious amounts of dairy to their morning beverages that it really hit: I can’t have ANY dairy this week. Or meat. Or eggs. Or any of my food staples.


I had pineapple for breakfast. That’s it. It is literally the only vegan breakfast food in my house right now. David and I desperately need to go grocery shopping today and stock up on fruits, vegetables, quinoa and tofu. Putting the two of us together in a health food store is bound to result in some funny situations, so keep your eyes open for a blog post or two about our grocery shopping escapades a little later today!


Currently, I am in self-imposed isolation. I locked myself in my room so I don’t have to watch my roommates eat their dairy-ful breakfasts. I guess I should just be thankful they haven’t started frying up bacon yet. David better get here soon, because I need some food.


While eating vegan is going to be difficult, it is nothing compared to adopting an entire vegan lifestyle. David and I decided to do a vegan diet experiment, not a vegan lifestyle experiment. If we were dedicated to lifestyle experiment, we would need to buy a new brand of toothpaste and laundry detergent and have to buy an entire new wardrobe just for the week, just to name a few. So as you read our blogs and tweets this week, be sure to remember we are simply doing a vegan lifestyle.



3 thoughts on “I’m a vegan. Wait, what?????

  1. Good luck! It’s hard. I tried to do a one-week vegetarian trial. I only lasted four days. The thing that made me buckle was a grilled hot dog at my nephew’s birthday party. Kind of pathetic, honestly. You can do it, I have faith in you!

    To help you understand what I went through eating a vegetarian diet (not even vegan!) here are the posts I wrote:


    Maybe my experiences can help you be successful in your experiment! I’d like to try again sometime, but my schedule here at college makes that incredibly hard.

    • Thanks Kelly! If I was doing this alone, I don’t think I would be as successful as I think I will be doing it with a friend. The most important thing to remember is that we’re doing this to begin to understand a different perspective that will help us be more effective communicators. I’m sure come Wednesday or Thursday things are going to get very challenging though!

      • You hit the nail on the head with your intent; I wanted to have a different perspective of our food system. While I didn’t last the whole week, my view on foods, specialty crops, etc. has changed drastically. I used to think farmers grew corn, soybeans, and wheat and raised cattle, pigs, or chickens. Eating a vegetarian diet made me realize that there are arugula and carrots and potatoes and spinach and onions and a million other things that needed to be grown somewhere.

        It was eye-opening. I can only imagine yours will be even moreso, since you can’t rely on eggs, milk and cheese for cheese. And I’m glad you had a friend! I think if I had had a buddy for my experiment, it would have been a lot easier!

        Hang in there!

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