The Grocery Shopping Excursion

Well, David is already whining. This does not bode well for the rest of the week.

We spent the last three hours grocery shopping. We first hit  up the local health food store where we purchased blackbean burgers, vegan bread, tofu and some vegan crackers. I also found myself a vegan chocolate chip cookie, which I pretended tasted okay. David also had his first run in with vegan cheese and milk alternatives. He handled it a lot better than I imagined he would, but he was still clearly upset.

Soy cheese makes David sad.

Milk alternatives? I don't understand....

After the health food store we headed to my grocery store of choice, Vons. There we stocked up mainly on fruits and  vegetables (kale, zucchini, spinach, oranges, tomatoes and carrots). While we were waiting in the checkout line, David mentioned that he didn’t think all that food in the cart could feed him for a week. I then proceeded to point out that it would have to feed two of us for the week. David then proceeded to look like he might cry.

Lucky for me, I really like vegetables. I just whipped myself up a snack of spinach, zucchini, tomato and yellow squash, all sautéed in olive oil with a little onion and garlic. When David dropped me off at my house he mentioned something about frying some potatoes in vegetable oil to tide him over until dinner. I clearly have the dietary advantage here.

Throughout our shopping excursion, David and I kept making the same statement over and over: “This is hard.”

It really is. Never in my life have I had to read product ingredient lists in the store and have to determine if I was allowed to eat it. It was also rather expensive. Vegan foods are considered specialty items, which comes through in the cost. Because of this, we bought a lot of vegetables instead of stocking up on precooked meals and packaged products. This first shopping trip definitely opened my eyes to how difficult it is to eat vegan. Even with something as simple as bread, there was only one option in the entire bread aisle that was completely vegan. Everything else had egg or honey in it. Of course, the vegan bread also cost the most.

Is this vegan?

Is this vegan?

For dinner, we are going to a vegan Thai food restaurant called Thai Elephant. Again, I have had Thai food before, so this shouldn’t be too far out of my comfort zone, though I’ve never ordered anything vegan. David has never had any type of Thai food before, so I expect to take lots of pictures of his reactions to the various menu items.

Well, it turns out that my roommates are making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies right now. They’re my favorites. My roommates do have somewhat apologetic looks on their faces right now, but they’re still making them with me in the house. I think I need another vegan cookie, stat.


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