Wait, Why Are You Doing This?

For those of you who haven’t heard, I’m going vegan next week with David Jones. We start Sunday the 15th and go through Saturday 21st. During the week, we will be tweeting, blogging and writing a story for Ag Circle magazine, which we both work for.

Ever since David and I decided to go vegan for a week, I have gotten one question over and over again: “Wait, why are you doing this?”

Sometimes I ask myself that same question. There is no short answer.

As agricultural communicators, we are constantly asking the consumer to put themselves in the position of the farmer and rancher and to walk a mile in their shoes. We hope that by encouraging people to get involved in agriculture and beginning to understand the lifestyle, that they will make more informed choices. This tactic works and it is one that I encourage often.

Before David and I decided to embark on our vegan challenge, we had a conversation about this communications strategy, and we realized something. For all our encouraging the consumer to experience something new, we ourselves had never gone to the other end of the spectrum and tried a different lifestyle. We decided that there was no way we could not go vegan for a week and still be able to encourage people to understand the agricultural lifestyle.

This week is going to be difficult. I grew up with a family that not only appreciates a good steak, but also spends their weekends deer hunting (my parents currently have one elk, three deer, one wild boar and one 4-H pig in their three freezers).  Saying that I eat a lot of meat would be an understatement.

David grew up on a dairy in the California Central Valley, so he still isn’t sure how he is going to get through the week without a glass of milk. I said something about soy cheese to him, and I literally thought he might hit me and/or cry. We know we can make it through, we just don’t know if  a) our respective roommates will still allow us in the kitchen, b) if the two of us will still be friends (cruel things are bound to be said out of a lack of protein) or c) we’ll be at all functional at the end of the week.

During the week, David and I will need all the support we can get! You can follow our progress several different ways! In addition to my blog, you can read posts from David at www.agrilifestyle.blogspot.com, from the Ag Circle blog at www.brockcenter.wordpress.com and at AgWeb.com (www.agweb.com/blog/our_vegan_adventure/).  You can also follow the action on Twitter by following @carrie_isaacson or @david_jones_, be sure to use hashtag #veganweek!

Until next time,

Carrie and David


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