Moving Outside the Classroom

I realized something today. This quarter is the first quarter of my college career where my main focus isn’t on my actual classes, but more on my projects outside of the classroom. This quarter I am working on two magazines (one of which I am the editor-in-chief  of and the other I am assistant editor of), conducting a series of interviews of Cal Poly alumni for my senior project (oh, and finishing my senior project), continuing my internship with the Central Coast Vineyard Team, I am still serving as the National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Second Vice President, searching for the elusive post graduation job and trying to maintain something similar to a social life.

Yes, I’m still taking 15 units. With the exception of one class, those classes are not my worry this quarter. I’m focusing on developing my professional skills, building my portfolio and making connections. That one class I’m worried about will help my to do all those things, perfectly enough.

This focus outside of the classroom tells me that I am finally on the cusp of my professional life. I am actually taking everything I have learned in the  classroom and applying it to real life situations. If I make it through this quarter successfuly, I will have proven to myself that I can succeed in the professional world, which will give me the confidence to excel in interviews. So no pressure, right?



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